Nominating Committee Presents Slate of Officers for 2018-19

As required by the Butler Elementary PTA Bylaws, the Nominating Committee must post the slate of executive officers seven (7) days before the election meeting. The Nominating Committee hereby presents the slate of officers for the 2018-2019 Butler PTA executive board to be voted on at the annual election meeting one week from today, Thursday, March 8, 2018.

President: Liz Bankhead

President-elect: Rusty Orndorff

1st Vice-President – Aide to the President: Julie Torres

2nd Vice-President – Community Service: Natalie Tull

3rd Vice-President – Membership: Jessica Carpenter

4th Vice-President – Programs and Parent Ed.: Valorie Kruger

5th Vice-President – Publicity: Nicole Baronick

6th Vice-President – Ways and Means: Amy Orndorff

7th Vice-President – Hospitality: Jennifer Lancaster

Secretary: Nicole New

Treasurer: Shannon Reilly

Submitted by the Nominating Committee: Sarah Crain (chair), Valorie Kruger, Jennifer Lancaster, Brittany Lee, and Amy Orndorff


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