Butler Family Favorites

butler-family-favorites-no-fillHow many times do you want to give a little something for a teacher or staff member and aren’t sure what they would really need or want?  Maybe  something for the Holidays, Birthday, Teacher Appreciation, or just a little Thank You and you don’t know what to do? We have the scoop!

Butler PTA has compiled Butler Family Favorites list for the entire Butler faculty and staff.  This list is continually updated.  Click on the LINK to the right of each name.

Please contact Erin Smith with any questions:  erinsmith318@yahoo.com

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UPDATED on 12/6/17
Principal Stacie Humbles office_stacie-humbles
Assistant Principal Jennifer Bohannon OFFICE_Jennifer Bohannon
Secretary Debbie Steiner office_debbie-steiner
Clerk Teri McCalip office_teri-mccalip
Nurse Michelle Jimenez nurse_michelle-jimenez
Clinical Asst Rachel Thurmond office_rachel-thurmond
Counselor Tierra Rawal office_tierra-rawal
Guidance Tech Becki McNabb office_becki-mcnabb
 Lead Janna Rosier kg_janna-rosier
Tricia Riffle  kg_tricia-riffle
Roxanna Sutherland  kg_roxanna-sutherland
Amanda Trammell  KG_Amanda Trammell
KG Asst Barbara Jackson
KG Asst. Michelle Shelton kg_michelle-shelton
1st Grade
Lead Laura Weiss 1st_laura-weiss
Denise Holloway 1st_denise-holloway
Dianne Browne 1st_dianne-browne
Kathryn O’Neal 1st_kathryn-oneal
2nd Grade
Paula Austin  2nd_paula-austin
Brenda Billups 2ND Brenda Billups
Kelly DeLay 2nd_kelly-delay
Sharon Jacob  2nd_sharon-jacob
3rd Grade
Lead Falon Hanson 3RD_Falon Hanson
Joie Bryant 3rd_joie-bryant
Christa Haskins 3rd_christa-haskins
Evan Sanchez 3rd_evan-sanchez
Tess Thornton 3RD_Tess Thornton
4th Grade
Lead Shawn O’Connell 4th_shawn-oconnell
Diana Goudey 4th_diana-goudey
Cyndi Perry  4th_cyndi-perry
Erin Wallace 4th_erin-wallace
Kendall Stephens  4TH_Kendall Stephens
5th Grade
 Lead Kathy Ryan 5th_kathy-ryan
Debra Anstice 5TH_Debra Anstice
Kristyn McWilliams 5th_kristyn-mcwilliams
Sara Meredith 5th_sara-meredith
6th Grade
Lead Judy Callahan 6th_-judy-callahan
Molly Bennett 6th_molly-bennett
Mollie Bryant 6th_mollie-bryant
Erin Jacobs 6th_erin-jacobs
Gifted & Talented Sarah Vaughn GT_Sarah Vaughn
Speech Pathologist Kimberly High SPEECH_Kimberly High
Speech Pathologist Priscilla Carter SPEECH_Priscilla Carter
Special Education
Special Ed Teacher Debbie McDonald SPED_Debbie McDonald
Diagnostician Amy Glosup SPED_Amy Glosup
Resource Asst Tra Kelly sped_tra-kelly
ABLE Tanya Miller SPED_Tanya Miller
Resource Yvonne Pierce SPED_Yvonne Pierce
ABLE Glenn Witt SPED_Glenn Witt
Fine Arts
Music Teresa Francis fineart_teresa-francis
Art Candice Hamm fineart_candice-hamm
Orchestra Karen Hooper fineart_karen-hooper
PE Asst Joan McDonald FINEART_Joan McDonald-1117
PE EJ Ruiz FINEART_EJ Ruiz 1117
Support Interventionist Regina Bowles support_regina-bowles
Campus Technology Mgr
Allan Glover
Dyslexia Gail Smithey dyslexia_gail-smithey
Librarian Tamara Jackson library_tamara-jackson
Manager Alma Rodriguez
Monitor Sandra Lazala custodian_sandra-lazala
Monitor Jessica Carpenter
Monitor LaNette Hammond cafe_lanette-hammond
Custodian Teresa McGee CUSTODIAN_Teresa McGee
Custodian Aloys Mwayi CUSTODIAN_Aloys Mwagi
Custodian Delia Palmares custodian_delia-palmares
Custodian Petra Ayala custodian_petra-ayala